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      1. Contact

        Zhenjiang Huangxu Anchor Chain Co., Ltd.
        Tel: 0511-83520722 / 0511-83513517
        Fax: 0511-83520306
        Person: Mr.vision zhang
        Mob: 13775367056
        Email: sale@zj-chain.cn
        Skype: zjchain1
        Add: Guanzhuang, Huangxu Town Central Village, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

        Zhenjiang Huangxu Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. is reformed from Zhenjiang Huangxu Anchor Chain Factory. It is a modern professional chain manufacturer in China. It produces welding chains of various types, specifications and uses. It is famous for manufacturing high strength circular chains required by various industries.

        The company adopts advanced production line, high strength flash welding machine and advanced heat treatment technology to manufacture chain sizes 6mm - 32mm series of circular chains and accessories. It can produce chains of various specifications according to international and domestic standards and the special needs of users. At present, our main products are: mining chain, binding chain, lifting chain, building materials transport chain, hatch cover chain, buoy chain, etc. Our annual production capacity is 10,000 tons. Products are exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Norway, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other world more than 50 countries and regions.

        Zhenjiang Huangxu Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. is in line with the tenet of "Quality First, Safety First, Credit First, User First", and is willing to provide high-quality service to new and old customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly.

        Tel:+86 0511-83520722
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