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        Zhenjiang Huangxu Anchor Chain Co., Ltd.
        Tel: 0511-83520722 / 0511-83513517
        Fax: 0511-83520306
        Person: Mr.vision zhang
        Mob: 13775367056
        Email: sale@zj-chain.cn
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        Add: Guanzhuang, Huangxu Town Central Village, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

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        The structure of anchor chain is divided into geared and ungeared

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        Anchor chains are divided into cast steel anchor chains, welded anchor chains and forged anchor chains according to the manufacturing method. Welded anchor chain is of super quality and low cost. The unloading ring group at the unloading end of Kent, Hainan Province, has been widely used. It is composed of ordinary chain, also known as Kent unloading, connecting chain, connecting unloading, rotating ring and so on. According to the structure of the anchor chain, it can be divided into two types: geared and gearless. The anchor rings with geared chains are usually used on ships because of the high tensile strength of the geared chains.
        Tel:+86 0511-83520722
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